About Me

Photographer. Writer. Editor. Mama Nature Advocate. 


As a graduate student at Columbia University and aspiring Science Journalist, my passion primarily lies in telling stories through a multitude of mediums. I am eager to pursue a career in which I can utilize my skills and experience while feeling as though I am contributing to the betterment of the planet. Through anything from digital media to in-depth interviewing, from writing informative sustainability  pieces to photographing my coast-to-coast journey for cancer research, I strive to create a compelling and inspiring narrative. When a moment feels moving I am eager to capture it, whether it be simple or complex, through words or a photograph.

If there is a photo you would like to purchase as a canvas that is not yet available for print, please feel free to shoot me an email and I will make the print available to you within 24 hours. 

Email below to inquire about freelance, portraits, photo sessions, branding, and collaboration. 

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